Meet the Webmistress

just who is this strange girl?!

はじめまして!アタイは麟やで! Nice to meet you! My name is Kirryn, nicknamed Rin by friends & here on the Wired, and I've been a Sailor Moon fan for the majority of my life! I first watched the DiC dub of the original anime in 1994; and have been in love with the series ever since. Probably the only fictional work that's had more of an influence on my life than Sailor Moon is The Lord of the Rings or Tokyo BABYLON -- and even then, it's close. VERY close.

Sailor Moon has opened doors in my life that would probably have remained firmly closed without it -- it was Sailor Moon that inspired Akayoroshi, my life's work, a mahou shoujo xianxia crossover webnovel that began life as an otaku senshi fanfiction way back in 1999, and it was through this fiction that I met my oneechan, Maeve -- my best friend in the whole wide world -- the next year (and yes, we are STILL best friends, twenty-three years later~! ♥ LYLAS, neechan!), and many, many other good friends besides.

And also? I have the same birthday as Takeuchi Naoko-sensei! ♥

Profile (in the style of an SM chara~)

Name: 星之姫麟
Birthday: March 15
Zodiac: Pisces (Capricorn moon, Gemini rising)
Bloodtype: A
Height: 5'5"ish
Eyes/Hair: brown/(currently) auburn
Charm Point: long musician's hands
Hobbies: singing, writing, static webdesign, dolls, calligraphy, journalling, tarot, makeup and skincare, crochet
Favourite Colours: purple, teal, azure
Favourite Foods: strawberries, honey, tiramisu
Least Favourite Food: carrots, green beans
Favourite Gemstone: opal, larimar, aquamarine, alexandrite
Favourite Subject: linguistics & Japanese language
Least Favorite Subject: physical education
Likes: music, fiction and fantasy, the ocean, BTS, the Heian era, dragons, studying
Dislikes: false kindness, rainy days, summer, bigotry of all kinds
Strengths: ferociously loyal, empathetic
Weaknesses: horrifically shy, holds grudges
Has Trouble With: migraines, social situations
Dream: to live by the sea with the woman I love, happily ever after ♥

Favourite Moonie Things!

Senshi: Sailor Star Maker, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Moon
Non-senshi: Artemis
Villains: (technically) Sailors Lethe & Mnemosyne
Manga arc: Stars
Anime season: Sailor Stars ('96 -- so far!)
Myu: Eien Densetsu Kaiteiban (particularly the 1998 Winter senshuuraku)
OP Song: "Sailor Star Song", Hanazawa Kae
ED Song: "Gekkou", Momoiro Clover Z
Movie Song: "Moon Revenge", Peach Hips
Insert Song: "Ai no Senshi", Ishida Yoko
Image Song: "Ai no Megami no How to Love", Fukami Rica (Sailor Venus)
Attack: Neptune's Submarine Reflection and Maker's Star Gentle Uterus


Best friendship? Chibiusa and Hotaru
Best canon ship? Haruka and Michiru, naturally.
Preferred non-canon ship? SEIYA AND USAGI! ♥
Prettiest character/s? know what? Human Luna! She's absolutely gorgeous! (And her husband is the hottest guy in the whole series, no less.)
Best fashion sense? All the Outer Senshi always look absolutely amazing, but I think Michiru juuuust edges it in there.
Character you wish was a senshi? It's the boring answer, but Naru-chan! However, I don't think she'd make a good "Sailor Earth" (...Mamoru exists, after all!), but rather a "Sailor Sol"! Think about it; we don't know who holds the Sailor crystal for our sun, and Naru has such a kind, nurturing, summery disposition, and fiery hair!
Subbed or dubbed? Always subbed -- just a personal preference is all; I don't actively hate any of the dubs! (No, not even the DiC dub! I'm actually horribly fond of it and its so-bad-they're-good one-liners...)
Anime or manga? Manga, but I don't dislike any of the anime!
Opinions on live-action? It's as goofy as heck, but it's such a fun watch! And Sawai Miyuu is the cutest thing ever, oh gosh. ♥.

If you'd like to visit any of the other sites I've made, please head on over to my umbrella network, Wings!