Network Information


A little brief information on the network itself in the form of HAQs -- hypothetically asked questions! Moon Prism Power, answer up!

Quick-but-vital details!

SailorCrystal.NET was registered on 3 April, 2023 -- making her an Aries Water Rabbit! She takes the place of Kousagi.NET, which I registered back in 2020; previously my BSSM sites had been hosted on Hoshi.NU, my general anime/manga collective. I'd just gotten back into making fansites after a half-hearted semi-hiatus while I was well enough to attend school, and I needed a distraction from my own depression over that. Thus, the KNET was born! ...and stayed as a "coming soon" index page for far, far longer than it should have ever been, due to Horrific Life Stuff™ smashing me repeatedly over the head with the Garnet Rod, and hard. -_-;; KNET opened as a proper collective in mid-February of 2023, but by late March of the same year, I felt like my BSSM domain needed to be something less character-specific and more general, and now SailorCrystal.NET stands in her place! All this in the Year of the Rabbit, no less! How perfect! *^^* All's well that ends well? Or begins well, perhaps! ♥ (I go into more detail about the domain change here, if you have questions!)

Why 'SailorCrystal.Net'?

I want a general, all-senshi-appropriate name for my collective (as opposed to concentrating on a certain character's name or attack, etc). What with Sailor Moon Cosmos's coming to theatres in June, I indulged in a Stars rewatch and reread (my favourite 90's anime season AND manga arc, hands down and far away!), the phrase "Sailor crystal" settled in my mind and wouldn't leave -- hence, I snapped it up as soon as I saw (to my surprise) that it was available! You can't find a domain main that applies to every senshi that's much better than that, imho!

Why a whole domain on a single subject?

Well, I've been a BSSM fan since before I even knew what the internet was, and this has never changed. I don't think it will in the future, either, and I've wanted a place just for all my Sailor Musings for a long, long while. So I bit the bullet, and here we are!

Can we be affiliates?

Certainly! I'm only an email away! *^^*

Do you offer hosting at SailorCrystal.NET?

Yes! I'd love to host any Sailor Moon-related (or any of the other works of Takeuchi-sensei!) websites looking for a home! You'll get a address with unlimited space, a forwarding or POP3 mail address, and a friendly and dedicated hostess ready to help you with any worries ^~ The only stipulation I have is that your site is already up and running, instead of just having a splash page sitting around on the server doing nothing for literal years ^^; Email me for more info or if you'd like to apply!

Can I use any of your graphics?

I'm sorry, but please don't do this! All graphics made for this site unless explicitly specified to be adoptables or web sozai (this includes coloured manga panels and edited sprites) are made for SailorCrystal.NET alone. Please respect my hard work; this is a labour of love, after all!

Can you design a site for me?

If your site is a personal/hobby site, YES! :D I can be comissioned to make you a layout at my web studio, Digital Girl Designs!

Can you translate/romanise [x] for me?

It depends -- if we're talking whole chapters of manga, no; I don't have enough confidence in the speed of my translation skills to provide this in a timely manner. (I would recommend comissioning one of the staff members of Miss Dream for that.) If we're talking song lyrics, absolutely! All I need is to be provided with the Japanese kana lyrics, and I'll see what I can do. (Please note, JUST the romaji is not enough to create a translation, and given the intricacy of Japanese wordplay, I can't transliterate/translate wholly accurately by ear; my apologies!)

Who are you, anyway?!

You want to know about your webmistress?! Are...are you really that bored? Fine, fine, click here! (Forewarning: I'm terribly boring, alas. T__T)