Slight Hiatus...

health? I've heard it's nice...

As of 19 April 2024, many of my sites are on an indefinite hiatus due to my worsening health. As I stated on my main collective, Wings:

It's time for me to bite the bullet and admit that my health is not improving. I am going to have to put the majority of my energy into convalescence, which means that the projects that are troublesome or cause me stress must be put on the backburner. [Many] ... projects have been placed under a medical hiatus. I apologise for any inconvenience this might cause.

Luckily, SC.NET is not one of the sites I'm putting on hiatus! I have to be completely honest, though: updates may or may not be sparse for the next few months. (More sparse than they already have been, I mean -.-;;) I'm going to try my hardest to get as healthy as possible and get back to being a good webmistress as soon as I possibly can...unfortunately, I don't own the Deep Aqua Mirror, so due to many factors that are still hidden, I can't say when that will be -- I can't even give an estimate -- so I'm not going to. You can always take a peek at my personal blog to stay updated on what's happening in my life.

My email inbox is always open, though! Even if replies may be late, I promise I'll get around to any questions or comments as soon as I can; always feel free to remind me (gently~) if it seems I'm ignoring you! It's 99.99% of the time a fault of brainfog and not any kind of ill will. (Or an overzealous spam trap, but there's no cure for that whatsoever :P)