Pretty Guardians ~ a Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon webclique


follow these, or we'll punish you!

There aren't many rules, and those there are are very easy to follow, so please make sure to give this a read before you join!

1 a). There can only be one senshi adopted per website -- for example, if you run and, only one senshi can protect each of them.

b). You can choose the same senshi as someone else! You'll be added to that senshi's list of those she (or he!) protects ♥

c). You can change which senshi protects you at your leisure; simply change the code when you do and update your information if you wish!

2. You have to have a webpage of some kind on which you can put your chosen senshi (no social networking sites such as Spacehey or Facebook, however). There's not much point otherwise! (And nope, your site does NOT have to be a Sailor Moon related page!)

3. Please have the code up before you submit to join -- this just makes things easier for everyone, you included! ♥

4. Put the code on your index page, or your cliques/adoptables page (should you have one). Pretty please don't tuck it away somewhere completely obscure -- it sort of defeats the purpose of the whole clique (and makes it very difficult for your webmistress to find ^^;)

5. Also, as long as you are listed on the "protected" page, please do the right thing and keep the code up. There will be regular checks, and those who no longer display the code will be removed, as the only conclusion I can draw from a lack of code is that you no longer wish to be part of the clique!

6. No troll/hate sites will be allowed to join, period. I can't believe we still have to say this in $CURRENT_YEAR, but hey. The internet might change, human nature never will. Sigh. :(

Sound good to you? Now go ask your preferred senshi for protection!